A Deep Look Into Roulette Variations

Roulette Variations

The basic idea of roulette is to bet on where the ball will fall on the spinning wheel. However, if you dig a little further, you’ll find that there are many other varieties of this traditional casino game. Wheel layouts, betting possibilities, and gameplay rules vary slightly between variations, which might have an impact on winning strategies.


Let’s take a deep look into the differences between online roulette variations emphasizing key factors that increase your chances of beating the house edge in any variation. Once you master these, you’ll be a versatile, winning roulette player at every table you attend.

1. European Variant

European roulette is the classic variation of the game, with its simple rules and advantageous odds. This version of the wheel has 37 numbered pockets, one of which is a zero (0) pocket. Because of this significant difference, which lowers the house edge to 2.70%, European roulette is the game of choice for savvy players looking for better chances. All varieties include the same betting structure, so players can wager on a variety of numbers, sets of numbers, or even-money propositions like odd/even and red/black.


  • Single zero pocket (0)
  • House edge of 2.70%
  • Standard betting options (inside and outside bets)

Strategies To Utilize: 

In European roulette, players frequently use advanced betting systems like the Fibonacci sequence or the Martingale, as well as sector betting, in which they focus on particular areas of the wheel. Many players choose European roulette because of its balanced gameplay and higher possibilities of winning because of the favorable odds.

2. American Variation

Roulette Americana:

American roulette differs from its European version in that it has a double zero pocket (00) added to the wheel. Because of this, there are 38 numbered pockets in American roulette, which raises the house edge to 5.26%. Although the basic gameplay is still identical to European roulette, the double zero pocket modifies the odds and adds more betting options. American roulette is still a favorite among players because of its exciting action and many betting opportunities, even with its greater house edge.


  • Double zero pocket (00)
  • House edge of 5.26%
  • Identical betting options to European roulette

Strategies To Utilize: 

Players frequently adopt more aggressive betting systems, like the Paroli or Labouchere systems, in American roulette because of the bigger house edge. This allows them to take advantage of winning streaks and minimize losses. But, you must play American roulette cautiously because the higher house edge might lead to faster losses if you are not careful.

3. French Variation

French roulette, which has its own set of rules and betting possibilities, is sometimes praised as the most advanced version of the game. French roulette has a single zero pocket (0), just like European roulette, with a 2.70% house edge. French roulette excels, though, when unique rules like La Partage and En Prison are used. 

On 0 spins, the “La Partage” rule pays out half of lost even money wagers. Additionally, outer bets are subject to the “En Prison” rule, which gives players another chance to win if the same number appears on the next spin. French roulette is now the best variant to play online anytime it’s available thanks to these modest improvements.


  • Single zero pocket (0)
  • Special rules: La Partage and En Prison
  • House edge reduced to 1.35% with La Partage

Strategies To Utilize:

The special rules of French roulette provide players with more chances to reduce losses and improve their entire gaming experience. Particularly useful in French roulette are strategies like the D’Alembert system or visual ballistics, as the La Partage and En Prison rules might benefit clever players.

4. Multi-Wheel & Multi-Ball

Modern online casinos additionally provide distinctive customized roulette variants with creative twists that increase your chances of winning: 

You may bet the same amount on up to eight separate roulette wheel games at once when playing multi-wheel roulette. More opportunities to hit across parallel spins are presented as the gameplay is greatly accelerated. Remember that when there are several findings, variation also increases!

A single wheel spin in multi-ball roulette can release three to six balls concurrently. Enhanced or conventional neighbor bets can be made here, offering greater reward potential and increased excitement as you attempt to hit more of the dropped balls!


  • Simultaneous spinning of multiple wheels
  • Individual and common betting options
  • Enhanced excitement and potential for multiple wins

Strategies To Utilize:

Multi-wheel roulette demands players to carefully manage their bankroll and spread their bets across numerous wheels because there are more simultaneous spins. In multi-wheel roulette, strategies that emphasize distributing risk and optimizing coverage, including sector betting or combination wagers, can be especially successful.

5. Mini Roulette

With a smaller wheel and just 13 numbered pockets, mini roulette is a quick and portable alternative to traditional versions. (0-12). The key components of the game, like as betting possibilities and payouts, are still present in tiny roulette despite its small size. But the chances of winning are different with fewer numbers on the wheel, meaning the house has a bigger advantage than in regular versions. Mini roulette is a popular choice for players seeking a simplified and easily navigable version of the game. It’s ideal for short sessions or for beginners who want to try their hand at playing roulette online.


  • Smaller wheel with 13 numbered pockets
  • Reduced betting options
  • Higher house edge due to fewer numbers

Strategies To Utilize:

Players in mini roulette have to modify their strategies to take into consideration the fewer pockets and different chances. Straight bets and single-number wagers can be more profitable in mini roulette because of the higher chance of striking particular numbers, while complicated betting strategies might be less successful because of the simplified gameplay.

Choosing The One That You Can Have Fun With Is The Key!

With so many variations available to players to customize to their preferences and playing styles, online roulette is full of variety. There is a roulette variation to suit every taste, whether you like the fast-paced excitement of mini roulette, the timeless elegance of European roulette, or the strategic complexity of French roulette. Players can raise their level of enjoyment and success at the virtual wheel by being aware of the specifics, variances, and techniques related to each variation. But the most important factor in picking a variant to play with is how much fun you’re gonna get when playing it!